You Asked, We Updated: A New TripIt Web Experience Has Arrived

You Asked, We Updated: A New TripIt Web Experience Has Arrived

The rumors are true: TripIt—your destination to organize travel—has a new web experience. 

With the launch of this refreshed, modern look, you can expect a completely updated user interface for a sleek, streamlined experience; a redesigned layout for easier navigation; a new language dropdown to support global travelers; and much more—all to help you more easily use the TripIt features you know and love.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s new. 

What can I expect from TripIt’s new web experience?

Our goal is to provide TripIt users with flexibility to plan trips and manage travel plans the way they want, with a consistent UI experience across platforms and devices. The new web experience is part of a series of enhancements based on your feedback, to make sure TripIt remains the innovative app you rely on when you travel.  

The new web experience has myriad new benefits for TripIt users, including: 

A brand-new streamlined experience with a modern look and feelIntuitive navigation with easy discoverability of TripIt’s featuresThe ability to easily adjust your language settings via the drop-down button in the top right navigationCapability to create trips; add, edit, and remove plans; adjust your profile and settings; and use other core TripIt featuresBetter accessibility, especially for screen-reader capabilities and keyboard-only usersGetting to enjoy TripIt on your desktop, which is great for organizing itineraries while planning a trip

Where can I find it? 

Head to, then select Sign Up to create a new account or Sign In to access an existing account. Click the “New website” toggle in the upper right-hand corner to switch to the new web experience.

What languages are available?

To help better serve our users worldwide, the new web experience is available in all of TripIt’s supported languages. This includes English (US and UK), French, German, Spanish (LATAM and Spain), and Japanese. 

Language preference is easily adjustable via the drop-down button in the top right navigation.

Can I provide feedback about the new TripIt web experience?

We’d love that! To do so, click the blue pop-up that says “Provide new website feedback or access the Help Center” the first time you sign in to the new web experience. Or, click the Support button in the navigation bar, select Provide New Website Feedback, then fill out the form with your thoughts.

Keep in mind that while some features are not yet offered in the new web experience, all the features you rely on are available on the TripIt mobile app or by switching back to the Legacy site. 

We plan to keep adding to the new web experience, so you’ll see regular updates over time. 

How do I switch back to the old web experience?

You can switch back to the old web experience at any time by clicking the “New website” toggle in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Have a specific question about the new web experience, like how to add, edit, or share a trip? Head to the Help Center for even more tips.

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